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The Concept

"The term 'Indobrit' incorporates a philosophy of mutual acceptance, tolerance, understanding and co-operation of South Asian and British cultural traditions. Two worlds co-exist to create an innovative culture, a unique quality that is the best of both"  (Anjoom Amir Mukadam)

Who Are We?
Indobrits are British nationals who possess an Indian heritage. Until recently, we were faced with the option of dissociating from our own culture by assimilating or being marginalized by maintaining our rich cultural and linguistic traditions. We live in a world in which the post modern era of globalization interfaces with popular culture - Bollywood goes mainstream and pluralism is the only viable option. Indobrits possess fluid identities and this is our strength, we can adapt to both cultural environments with ease.

We are the fortunate ones who can be bilingual and bicultural. Research conducted by Mukadam (1994, 2003) indicates that Indobrits show clear differences in terms of their ethnic self-identification strategy and their cultural adaptation strategy.  There is an identity to which we can align ourselves without losing an integral part of ourselves. This is the "what", we are the "who".


There is a renewed sense of belonging and shared commitment to both our ethnic roots and our place of birth or adopted home, Britain. Finally we have achieved 'reciprocal assimilation' in which there is a two-way flow between the ethnic majority group and us. The financial, academic and political presence of Indobrits is becoming obvious as we stride towards a higher profile in multi-ethnic Britain. One thing is certain, no matter how much we acculturate…phir bhi dil hai Hindustani.

The future is ...Indobrit®

Mukadam, A. (2003) Gujarati speakers in London: age, gender and religion in the construction of identity, Unpublished PhD thesis. University of Reading.

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