Text Box: What’s in a name?

The name was coined in 1999 by Dr. Anjoom Mukadam and the logo designed by Dr. Sharmina Mawani .This site represents our ideas in a changing global environment in which diversity is strength and reluctance to accept change, a weakness. INDO in green with an orange background, BRIT in red with a blue background. Distinct yet united by the white star symbolizing integration, respect for individuality, plurality and shared values.

There is no hyphen in INDOBRIT® because there is no confusion. Second and third generation Indians born and/or brought up in the U.K. are products of the East and West and their lives combine both with ease. There is no conflict in terms of their identity, they are the fortunate ones who enjoy the best of both worlds, as well as multiple identities that are fluid and dialogic. Never again to be defined as 'the halfway generation', 'between two cultures', 'immigrants' or members of a 'diaspora'.

These individuals are the post-diasporic generation, creating their own world in the only homeland they have - Britain.

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